L-R: Mrs Uju Olayinla of Nafecto Integrated Services Ltd, Dangote Cement Distributor; Mr Temple Monday Winner of Five Million Naira Cash Prize in the Dangote Cement Spell and Win Promo and Mrs Oko Linda of National Lottery Regulatory Commission, Rivers State during the Prize Presentation Ceremony to Winners in the Dangote Cement the Spell and Win Promo held in Port Harcourt.


By Kayode Ogunwale

Dangote Cement rewarded its customers with N21 million including three winners of the N5 million mega prize in the ongoing Bag of Goodies Promo 3 prize giving event held in Port Harcourt.

Three mega prize winners who were presented with symbolic cheques got their accounts credited with N5million each live at the brief but colorful event, while six others likewise received N1million credit alerts each.

Speaking to newsmen after the event, the Regional Trade Marketing Manager, South-South Region, David Ademola, said the winners were in three categories; the instant prize, the star prize and the super Star prize. He explained that the difference between the Star Prize and the Super Star Prize was that in the latter, one of the cards used for the spelling carries an eagle, while the former does not.

Ademola said, “The first is the instant prize winners and you saw us giving out refrigerators, generators, Television sets, and rechargeable fans. We have like six people who won those prizes this afternoon.

“For the Star Prize, which is N1million, we have rewarded six people here. “And for the Mega Star Prize, which is N5million each, you saw that we awarded three people today.”

Ademola said the promo was to reward some of loyal customers and people who have been with the Dangote Group for years.

“And like you know, our President, the Chief Executive Officer of Dangote Group is always out to empower people. So we see this promo as a way of empowering some of our retailers, our customers in trade.

“This gesture, we believe will increase the wealth, because when you empower people, like what we have done now, they too will be able to employ two or three people more.

“For example those who won five million naira, you heard me advising them to please invest this money in a profitable business, of course they should invest in Dangote Cement business so that at least so that you too can expand your business,” he stated.

Asked what the import of the promo has been he said, “We (Dangote Cement) have experienced increase in sales as a result of this promo and our customer loyalty has improved too.

“Like some of the winners said, that some people don’t believe. Now they have seen that this promo I real.

“Anything Dangote said he is going to do; we will do it. So we congratulate the winners and encourage more Nigerians to come on board because Dangote Cement is the leading brand,” he said.

In her remark, the Principal Administrative Officer, National Lottery Regulatory Commission, Linda Oko said she was at the event to ensure that the promo was credible. Oko added, “From what we have observed from the beginning since we arrived here, it is credible.

“We saw the winners when they came in with their cards and we crossed checked all of them to ensure that the spelling of Dangote is complete.

“And none of them came with a fake card. That was why you saw us going round to observe some of these things here.” She explained that the commission is on the ground nationwide to ensure transparency and accountability in the process of lottery.

“The Dangote Group has all through the years been doing a lot to empower Nigerians, and we can attest that there is no room for doubt in what they are doing. And like we have seen here today, it is doing is real,” she restated.

In an interview with our reporter, one of the three Super Star Prize winners of N5million, Temple Anyigor expresses happiness, saying he never believed the promo until it came to fruition. He said,” I am very happy today. Initially I was having don’t. But thank God I am now a millionaire.” Asked how he won, he said,” I have a block industry and whenever we open any bag, I personally inspected it and kept all the letters till I spelt Dangote. “I will use this money to expand my business with Dangote cement and I thank the community for fulfilling their promise.”

On his part, N1 million Star prize winner, Jasper Atunini also expressed happiness, pointing out that the promo is real. “This is not anyone will yell me. You can see how I was dancing when I saw my alert here. Six of us won N1 million. “I won this money through faith because I saw an eagle inside a cement bag. After that dream, I started working towards.” I thank God it came to past and I am indebted to Dangote for the gesture because it is real, he said.